Emilie Thompson

PA to Directors & Office Manager

Emilie Thompson

I love...

Pizza Express - 40%
Wine - 40%
Travelling - 20%

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What attracted me to the tree?

Definitely the people! As soon as you walk in there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere and you are immediately hit with a sea of smiling faces.

The environment is open and creative and everyone is passionate about what they do. There is a real drive to succeed and improve, and you’re always appreciated for your hard work. There is also a great social culture within the company and everyone’s up for a wine…or two!

My experience

After graduating from Newcastle University in 2015, I started my career in a marketing role within a corporate environment which taught me a lot, however, I had the desire to be somewhere more creative. 

I moved to my first start-up in early 2017 in a joint marketing, PR and Personal Assistant role. It was here where I found my love for organising with others and being someone to rely on, but I still wanted to follow my dream of working within a creative agency. 

The opportunity arose at the tree, allowing me to use my organisational skills and also in the environment I had strived to be in for so long. I haven’t looked back since!

Meet the team

Be interesting and interested. That's what we ask of our staff.

The opportunity to build a team and service clients using your own ideas is exciting, isn’t it?

No one would mind me saying that this is a diverse and unique mix of individuals.

...it’s a young, exciting organisation that’s ready to blossom

From my very first interview, I had a great feeling about the tree.

There’s a brilliant atmosphere here, and you can see that reflected in the quality of work.

Fortune favours the bold.

Why not try and have some fun with work, fancy a beer?

We're all born naked and the rest is drag.

Life is too short to remove the USB safely

The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.

Having guts always works out for me! - Stefan Sagmeister

As soon as you walk in there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere

I work across an incredibly diverse range of clients at the tree.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Creativity paired with business has always been my passion.

If a tree needs sunshine to grow, then the team at the tree are the sun.

The Fear you entertain today will make you a nonentity tomorrow.

The welcoming atmosphere instantly had an impact on me

The tree is a place where friendships are made, as well as some pretty awesome campaigns.

the family feel genuinely exists here at the tree.

I found somewhere, where I could grow a social team within an agency putting social first.


    If, like us, you prefer to talk through your ideas then get in touch!
    Call us for a chat, a coffee or a bottle of something cold.

    T: 0203 222 0077
    E: info@thisisthetree.com

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