Zapp is one of the fastest-growing grocery delivery platforms operating in the UK, the Netherlands and France. As an on-demand delivery service, Zapp gives customers 24/7 access to everyday essentials. Whether you need a pint of milk at 5.30am or a solitary red pepper while you’re cooking your dinner, you can use the app and have your order delivered in minutes.

The ask? To increase app installs and drive consumers to Zapp when they need groceries in a flash. Zapp enlisted the tree to test dynamic creative alongside a control non-dynamic campaign. Our A/B testing method sought to determine if video content tailored to a specific time of day could help drive conversions in comparison with pure brand creative without our key insights.


Our strategy team had their task cut out for them – to dig through crowded market research and find out how to make Zapp usage a habit. The data indicated that our campaign needed to focus on the one thing Zapp offered that no competitor could: 24/7 service.

Born out of a combination of keen social listening through Meltwater and our work with behavioural psychology, our primary insight suggested that customer needs for on-demand ordering shift throughout the day. In other words: we needed to match social creative to real-world moments. This alignment would tap into the psyche of Zapp customers, creating a far greater impact than pure brand or platform creative.

Zapp customers need more beer when they’re watching the football – the game moment. The sugar crave hits a high in front of Netflix in the evening, creating the ice cream run moment. Bouncing off the idea of time-specific orders, we set out to create digital and social content that made our audiences feel seen, heard and hungry.

Working with Zapp’s paid media partner, our content was designed to stop thumbs at specific times – holding a mirror up to our audience’s daily routines with impeccably relatable creative.


Zapp is a fun brand, built on real people and real experiences. Using the Spirable platform, we worked with Zapp and our performance team to create multiple attention-grabbing videos using dynamic templates.

We wanted Zapp to be at the forefront of our audience’s minds – the first port of call when they’re in a pinch and need groceries quickly. Our creative was served to customers right when they needed it.

When football matches were on Monday and Tuesday between 8pm and 11pm, Saturday 12pm – 8pm, and Sunday 12pm – 4pm, our audiences were greeted with targeted ads – coming to the rescue for last-minute snack and drink needs. During prime party times – Thursday to Saturday between 8pm and 3am, with an extension on Friday starting from 4pm when people finish work – we rolled out videos showcasing Zapp’s ability to grab more ice, another bottle of the good stuff or even some oven pizzas. Wherever our people were in the world, so were our ads.


Alongside our locally targeted creative, we activated Zapp’s above-the-line campaigns digitally, driving performance by creating customer touchpoints across social and in the real world.

Tapping into these moments and their timings, Zapp set out to create hyper-relevant advertising moments for their target market across London, Cambridge, Manchester and Bristol.