Wenzel's sprung onto the scene back in 1975, as a family-run bakery. This family feel is something they’ve maintained while scaling to almost 80 stores in and around London to date. Wenzel’s needs to cut through in a crowded marketplace. With the likes of Pret and, most notably, Greggs rapidly populating towns and high streets across the country, Wenzel’s aspires to take the position as the capital’s favourite local bakery – with a long-term goal of becoming the nation’s most loved establishment for bread, cakes, and all things sweet, and savoury. They approached us to help them achieve this, deploying a fully integrated strategy, using a socially-charged approach to connect both digital and in-store activations.


We have worked, and continue to work closely with the Wenzel’s team to understand the landscape and their position within it. As a challenger brand, the opportunity arose to build real connection with audiences through powerful campaigns; to get Wenzel’s in front of new and existing customers – ultimately increasing awareness, sales, and advocacy. We cooked up a new visual identity for the chain, moving away from the brand’s traditional, muted palette to a vibrant, fresh look and feel which has taken centre stage both in-store and online, and can resonate with all audiences, from families to city workers. With this in place, we went about developing a campaign strategy. Using social listening and reading reports from the likes of Mintel, we found that consumer purchasing was driven by a core passion for ‘fresh’ and weekly treats. We also identified that both Greggs and Pret are yet to offer truly fresh bread and other baked goods daily – a complete gap in the market that we chose to champion and leverage within Wenzel’s new messaging.


As Wenzel’s strategic digital and creative partner, we have worked with them to completely overhaul their creative, social and shopper marketing activities. We work across all organic and paid media, as well as every design aspect – from in-store creative to label design and packaging. We are a true consultant across their business. Our always-on creative strategy has enabled us to deliver high quality, vibrant and exciting creative in real time, while also helping us to be reactive and agile. Staying in line with our vibrant visual language and new messaging, we launched a campaign to target the wave of health-conscious consumers - ‘Fresh Forward Yourself’. The campaign focused on the fresh snacks that are so attractive to our audiences, to launch Wenzel’s range of healthy lunch alternatives. We incorporated in-store activations and promotions into our creative, and leveraged fitness and food influencers to bring mass reach to the campaign.  As part of this we created the ultimate cheat day box for our hard working customers as a treat for ‘Fresh Forwarding’ themselves. Handpicking local fitness and nutrition influencers such as Tom McDonnell to receive the ultimate box of their favourite treats for a cheat day, encouraging customers to share their ultimate Wenzel’s cheat day training shots for a chance to get free Wenzel’s for a month or even a training programme with one of our fitness influencers. To extend the campaign further we also tapped into key cultural moments creating a Valentine’s day product set, selecting a number of single local influencers such as food blogger Emi Eats and Vicky Pattison sending them unique gift packs for unboxing.


We run all of Wenzel’s paid digital media both at a brand level and also through hyper-targeted local activations to support specific sites. We’ve acted as a consultant on their growth strategy as they scale up to more than 120 venues in the coming years. Our social listening capabilities and community management team allows us to keep a finger on the pulse, connecting and engaging with real influencers and trending topics as they arise. For example, instantly responding to the Weetabix / Heinz beans viral post” while continuing to help Wenzel’s significantly improve their customer service online. Our teams also liaise with brands such as Walkers, PepsiCo and more to support retail activations, drive footfall and significantly increase spend per head, all working toward a socially-charged approach for the UK’s (soon to be) leading bakery.