Ticketmaster, one of the biggest ticket sales and distribution companies in the world, wanted to reach and engage new audiences – and ultimately sell more VIP Guest Experiences than ever before at summer festivals such as Creamfields, V Festival, Wireless, Lovebox and Latitude. We decided to work on a solution that was content-led and would grow awareness of the brand, while also strengthening the image of the VIP Experience offering, drive customers down the sales funnel and gain significant ROI.


Understanding our audience was key to the success of this campaign. We undertook extensive research – running focus groups and speaking to key individuals who exemplified the target demographic. We supported this with desk research using GWI and Sysomos, as well as data gathered from countless other sources. Using this research, our own experience and industry expertise, we knew this audience would be more interested in things they could actually do and building memories, rather than owning possessions. The modern consumer also wants not just the experience, but the ability to share it online – through social.


We needed to present the VIP Experience as a one-of-a-kind, unique opportunity and something that was felt, not thought about. Each festival has its own personality, so with this in mind, we developed a socially-driven content strategy that put people in someone else’s shoes. We believed this would inspire them and ultimately encourage them to buy VIP Experiences the following year. At Download, they would feel like a rockstar performing for adoring fans; at Creamfields, they would be a world-class, international DJ. At Wilderness, they would lose themselves in a bohemian dream. We spent eight weeks on-site at various festivals, documenting them in detail, working with rights-holders for accuracy, while still putting out a coherent message. We created a series of beautifully produced videos that captured the amazing experiences you could have as a VIP at different festivals.


We worked with influencers for each event. These included Love Island stars, as well as key retail partners such as Pretty Little Thing. This strengthened the narrative and drove it forward, and led to live, on-site content that could be used across all channels. All of this was activated using a sophisticated social media seeding strategy. We then put great content in front of a number of sub-audiences with distinct profiles occupying different parts of the funnel. It drove potential buyers to bespoke landing pages, which we’d built to maximise conversions. Those who were not converted became the target audience for a remarketing campaign that we nurtured over time.