Rosetta Stone wanted to connect with more millennials, travellers and self-improvers. They challenged us to go beyond what they had achieved in previous campaigns, targeting key gifting dates. They understood some of the key motivators for purchasing – like career progression and improved relationships – but they needed to activate these in creative ways while staying relevant in the UK, Germany and France.


After extensive research and working in collaboration with their data teams we unearthed that close to 32% of Rosetta Stone’s customers and social audience were learning a language for ‘Love’ or to get closer to loved ones, family and global friends. With this in mind, we decided to use the key gifting period around Valentine’s Day as the basis for our campaign across the three core European markets, driving sales of their 27 different language groups.


We researched and wrote more than 5,000 words for each language version of the Rosetta Stone site, bringing together a mix of unknown love stories, facts and dating phrases. We also created video snapshots, which we edited and produced in-house for all 20 cities on the globe.


The content was seeded across social, shared with influencers and underpinned by the creation of a database-driven, multilingual custom application – the site itself was a database-driven, multilingual application built from scratch, along with a bespoke CMS to enable the reuse of the platform for reskinning and future campaigns. A 3D animated globe was also developed, encouraging users to explore each city. We also created 48 highly animated banner ads in HTML5, which were then distributed by Rosetta Stone’s media agencies across GDN and programmatic channels.