Our relationship with Rescue Remedy couldn’t have started any stronger! We created a campaign – covering social and content – that positioned Rescue Remedy as the UK’s leading ‘emotional wellbeing’ brand. The brand challenged us firstly to put together an initial research piece that would prove the impact of an influencer-led content strategy, and then to come up with an integrated digital campaign that would make the most of the brand’s celebrity ambassadors and relevant influencers. Rescue wanted to build overall brand awareness, as well as specific product awareness, with the end goal being to drive in-store purchasing among their audiences.


Rescue Remedy needed to own its heritage and take its position as one of the UK’s most-loved wellness brands. It was a brand for the people, and it therefore needed to be represented by the people – using social listening and research platforms we were able to determine that the notions of mindfulness, wellbeing, and self-improvement resonated amongst our target audiences. With increasing widespread concerns around mental health and overall wellbeing, particularly in the 25-plus female category highlighted a steep rise in anxiety amongst this audience with woman experiencing an increasing amount of stress in all areas of their day-to-day life. At the heart of the strategy was the idea of self-reflection: encouraging influencers and celebrities to write a letter to their younger self –  ideally sharing personal stories that would resonate with the audience and encourage them to give themselves a well-deserved break.


The idea was to ask a selection of celebrity influencers to write a letter to themselves when they were much younger reflecting on their lives, struggles and achievements. We wanted to position the brand positively alongside the challenging issues surrounding anxiety and mental health. Rescue Remedy facilitated the conversation, which was fronted by TV presenter Cherry Healy, positioning the brand’s ongoing commitment to socially-important issues. The influencers involved were carefully selected through a rigorous process informed by social listening, influencer benchmarking, and targeted outreach. This included Carly Rowena (renowned personal trainer and fitness blogger), Emma Gannon (author, broadcaster and podcast host), Jemma Andrew Adiamah (a holistic, wellness and food writer), and TV presenter Scarlette Douglas.

We created beautiful and engaging videos centered around the lifestyles of our five different influencers. This was designed to not just directly sell the Rescue® Range of products, but rather to create a lifestyle piece that associated the brand with healthy, mindful, and successful behaviors – by focusing on real people who had achieved success in some form or another, examining their thought processes by asking them to talk to themselves in their pasts.


To activate the campaign, we created nine custom Facebook audiences, to which we seeded the campaigns in slightly different ways. The audiences were built using a bespoke process which included extensive research, social listening and personas from the client. Through the combination of video, canvas, carousels, GIFs, and product posts, we were able to target and engage a new demographic and audience in a novel and extremely effective manner. To help activate the campaign instore we connected voucher codes to users who shared their stories and advice on social channels.