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The iconic Rescue brand was looking to engage an older (45-65) audience on social media, with a view to increase brand awareness and sales among that demographic for their range of night products.

We were tasked with creating a campaign that would resonate with this audience and take the brand in a new direction, something they had not explored before.



We wanted to craft a campaign that relied on rich, engaging content for impact rather than a sales focused approach. 

We embarked on an extensive research phase via surveys, phone interviews and focus groups with our  target demographic. We came to understand and appreciate the many reasons why people use RESCUE® Remedy. Stress and it's various manifestations was the top of the list.

We knew we wanted our messaging to focus on something positive rather than the negative impacts of stress, and as such we structured our campaign around healthy living, and what promotes a stress free lifestyle. Our research also showed that mindfulness and wellness were a key stress countermeasure for our audience.

We coined the term “restfulness” – a nod to mindfulness – and employed that as the central pillar from which the rest of the campaign would grow.

We created three beautiful, engaging videos centred around the lifestyles of three influencers – selecting a yoga instructor, interior designer and nutritionist. The campaign focused on their sleeping habits and what a good night’s sleep meant to them.

Using sophisticated social listening strategies and tools we created six custom Facebook audiences, to which we would seed the campaigns in slightly different ways.

Through the combination of video, canvas, carousels, gifs and product posts were able to target and engage a new demographic audience in a novel and extremely effective manner.


Above target KPIs
Increase in in-store sales

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