RESCUE® Remedy - A Letter to my Younger Self

Celebrity and Influencer Campaign


Our relationship with Rescue Remedy began through the creation of a highly successful social and content campaign. This campaign positioned Rescue Remedy as the UK’s leading ‘emotional wellbeing’ brand. Rescue Remedy tasked us with putting together an initial research piece which would unearth the power that an influencer led content strategy could have on their brand.

As part of this influencer campaign research piece, we were briefed to come up with an integrated digital campaign which would maximise the power of a celebrity ambassadors and relevant supplementary influencers.


Using social listening and research platforms we were able to determine that the notions of mindfulness, wellbeing, and self-improvement resonated amongst our target audiences – this became integral to our overarching strategy. 

This insight was used to build out two main audience profiles, each with a number of derivatives. These derivatives would then be targeted in different ways using specific messaging and variations of the campaign creative. We would employ continuous A/B testing to inform optimisations of creative and copy for each audience week-on-week throughout the campaign. 

We structured the campaign around the idea of “a letter to my younger self” – a term and concept that we validated through focus groups. 

We would select a number of celebrity influencers to pen a letter to themselves when they were much younger reflecting on their lives, struggles and achievements. 

The influencers were carefully selected through a rigorous process informed by social listening, influencer benchmarking, and targeted outreach. We worked with:

Cherry Healey – TV presenter
Carly Rowena – Fitness blogger and personal trainer
Emma Gannon – Author, broadcaster and podcast host
Jemma Andrew Adiamah – Holistic, wellness and food writer
Scarlette Douglas – TV presenter

We created premium video content alongside them and the content all paid homage to their respective successes, showcasing the many elements of a well lived life and how Rescue® can play a key part - associating the brand with healthy, mindful behaviours. 

The videos were cinematic yet honest and used a light and airy colour palette and tone as we knew that this would be effective among our audiences.

We created nine custom Facebook audiences, to which we would seed the campaigns in slightly different ways. The audiences were built using a bespoke process which included extensive research, social listening and personas from the client.

Through the combination of video, canvas, carousels, GIFs, and product posts, we were able to target and engage a new demographic and audience in a novel and extremely effective manner.

We consistently maintained very high relevancy scores, view through rates, and click through rates throughout the entirety of the campaign. Each piece of creative drove a new understanding of our audiences’ likes and dislikes, and as such we continued to optimise each week, systematically increasing reach and engagement.


Increase in offline sales
peformance beyond benchmarks

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