QA Higher Education is part of QA Limited, one of the UK’s leading training and educational providers they partner with the UK’s primary universities with more than 6,000 clients, including 80 percent of the FTSE 250. Offering tertiary education with key courses around Cyber Security, Business Management, Arts and Science and Technology. With a goal to increase their popularity and the uptake of their courses, our research showed us that it took the average user around 11-20 touchpoints before enquiring about a university course. QAHE tasked us with overhauling and unifying their entire holistic marketing mix from global advertising through to their website content and looking at the entire user journey when speaking to prospective students.


After ongoing research and customer acquisition strategies including interviews, detailed audience personas and targeting by continually looking at what the triggers are for someone wanting to change career, enroll in further education or consider moving to the UK for study. We concluded that some of the leading professional motivations to enter into additional higher education were self-improvement, the desire to command a higher salary, and career progression. We understood that we needed to deliver technical messaging to experts in an emotive, empathetic way. So with this in mind, we developed a highly technical persona-specific content marketing strategy, with the aim of targeting a wide variety of different global stakeholders whilst continually optimising and tailoring all the content and advertising so it resonates with our target audience no matter the region.


We created content that related to a key motivation for entering higher education, enabling us to educate, inform, and encourage applications to a variety of QAHE’s courses. Knowing that on average eleven to twenty touchpoints are needed for a conversion to occur, we produced video, editorial, animation, and a suite of rich media advertisements to use in parallel, ultimately driving both students and professionals down the funnel. We have also undergone a number of brand overhauls ensuring the partner university brands ring true whilst keeping the overarching QAHE theme running through.


This content was driven by a powerful prospecting and re-marketing advertising strategy using a multitude of platforms to increase awareness and enquiries across course applications. All tailored to the specific audience and region via Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Taboola, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Over the course of our partnership, we have continued to adapt and evolve constantly. Through our strategy, using a full funnel approach to push people through via the various touch points and making sure they are seeing the brand a multitude of times in order to understand exactly what it’s all about. We consistently drive users to purpose-built landing pages and information hubs, all with a view to increasing sign-ups.