Fast food titans Just Eat tasked us with creating something truly press-worthy that would elevate their ‘Magic Is Real’ campaign and give it the fame it deserves. We needed to create a piece of content that would transcend traditional media, engage consumers and secure widespread press coverage in major publications. The campaign had to work on two levels: for the general public, it would need to be a fun and eye-catching piece of content that could be discussed around any dinner table. For techies wanting to dig deeper, it needed to challenge them and provide newsworthy innovations and technologies.


We needed to activate Just Eat’s above the line campaign using innovative, experience-focused content, social and digital targeting strategies. We love producing ground-breaking work and this campaign provided the perfect opportunity to push the limits of what budget and technology allowed. We decided that a magic wand allowing hungry customers to order their food would be the perfect, light and fun approach that would tie in nicely with the broader campaign. We set out creating a multi-phase project approach resulting in dozens of moving parts. The project was segmented into three phases: Conceptualisation and Design, Development and Execution and Securing Coverage. Also taking into consideration the need to combine a number of cutting-edge technologies – both physical and digital – in a way that had never been done before!


Arthur C. Clarke said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This quote was the catalyst that inspired us to create a first of its kind solution that played on the magic of a takeaway. We brought our vison to life producing a custom-designed 3D-printed magic wand that paired with an accompanying app – that would allow users to order their favourite takeaway with a simple flick of the wrist.

The wand itself was 3D modelled from scratch using CAD software and needed to be designed with all the interior components considered. Once finalised the wand was 3D printed using stereolithography technology and was stenciled and airbrushed by hand in accordance with Just Eats’ brand guidelines. Our product development teams worked with 3D designers, prop makers and conceptual artists to bring this entire project to life

The app, created by our in-house development team integrated directly with Just Eats’ API. We worked with their tech team to ensure that the app seamlessly transmitted orders to the live Just Eat network. Our app needed to be able to query multiple data points simultaneously and sync instantly. This meant anyone could login using their existing Just Eat account details and it would automatically pull all the relevant information.

When it came to the technology the wand used Chirp™ to communicate with the app - a cutting-edge audio technology which uses sonic barcoding to transmit data. This differs from other wireless communications methods as it uses actual sound waves to transmit data. Information is encoded directly into an audio file which is then transmitted when the sound cue is played. The phone’s microphone would ‘hear’ the Chirp, relay information via the Just Eat API and the appropriate action would be triggered – in this case ordering your most loved takeaway!


We fully activated the campaign across digital and social channels using a combination of influencer engagement and promotion. We produced high end ‘magical’ assets in the form of static imagery, video, and animation, as well as outreach to online press through digital channels. Incorporating a sophisticated retargeting strategy, we were able to drive conversions. Alongside Mission we visited various publications to allow journalists to try the wand first hand. This was done via desk drops where we would demonstrate the wand and let journalists place orders for themselves using the device. The idea and the application was something that instantly connected with the press, creating a buzz among large publications featuring in The Evening Standard, The Sun and City A.M. to name a few.