IG is a world leader in derivatives trading and an established member of the FTSE 250. They challenged us to produce forward thinking, innovative campaigns designed to excite and engage their audiences and press across the globe. They needed an agency that was nimble and agile, so that they could react quickly and produce topical, well-timed content that resonated with their key investment audiences – which we helped them refine and develop.


We needed to be effective in a number of distinct territories, the most important of which were the UK, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and France. IG wanted a partner who could take topics that are sometimes considered dull, and reimagine them in a way that would pique the interest of their generally high net worth, savvy audience of investors. We developed a sophisticated, reactive content framework that would allow us to respond to chatter around key topics and goings-on in their world, as and when they took place. Our research indicated that we should focus on three content pillars: lifestyle, local business news, and global politics.


When bringing this to life we needed to be reactive and adaptable. We suggested creating interactive infographics, microsites and long-form written content as part of our initial test-and-learn approach. After building our framework, our social listening team identified that there was a lot of discussion around two key topics: how political movements and events (such as Brexit) influenced the market; and how psychology affected trading behaviour. Having identified these triggers, we set about developing two separate campaigns in parallel while continuing to listen out for additional chatter and drivers for future campaigns that might underpin future projects as part of our ongoing reactive strategy. In an extremely short turn-around period, we developed two bespoke microsites from scratch, including all research, design and copy. They can be found here: Psychology and Trading and Politics and the Markets.


We worked with Bloomberg to gather first-hand financial data, tying it to pivotal political events and providing an in-depth view of what effect these events had on markets at the time they took place. This allowed traders to come to their own conclusions, but also armed them with enough knowledge to inform their current approach to trading. We worked with psychologists to understand different types of behaviour and the patterns that might affect trading. Finally, we built an interactive brain giving us the power to present the information in a unique, engaging and digestible way. We then sent our work to publications within our top tier for PR with tailored wraparound content devised by our copywriters, this gained vital backlinks to significantly boost SEO. We also deployed a digital PR outreach strategy to accelerate backlinks in our key target regions, engaging with digital entities closely linked to our campaign subject matter to dive maximum visibility and impressions further extending the campaigns reach.