Arlo, the world’s leading smart security and home automation technology provider, approached us and tasked us with taking over and managing their entire social media and content marketing strategy across Europe.


Arlo were the world leader, but as Amazon and others were increasing their spend, this position was under threat. Arlo knew how important social media would be to connecting with its community and consolidating its position, so tasked us with bringing together eight different approaches to social across nine different territories, to form a unified and consistent social strategy. We created a robust, centralised strategy that gave Arlo a single point of view. We would test what content worked and what didn’t, while varying the content to align with local preferences and cultural nuances. We wanted to make data-driven insights a much bigger part of Arlo’s social strategy than it had been already. We discovered that security stats, local data on crime and a personalised lifestyle messaging all resonated well with our core audiences. We then moved this through into our approach briefing creative teams on these core pillars of influence for Arlo’s customers.


After being brought in as the European spearhead, we consolidated the local agencies under our new strategic approach and got to work. Arlo is seen as the premium brand in its space, praised for the quality of its technology, and we realised the creative had to reflect this. We used visually beautiful photography that conveyed the superior quality of the Arlo tech, as well as informative animation. We also worked closely with Arlo’s PR firm, W Comms, to align with Arlo’s 360-degree strategy, and set out to form brand partnerships and relationships with influencers – layering this in with our social approach.


We rolled out a video SEO strategy across YouTube, including how-to guides, unboxing videos, and influencer content. We used paid media to drive people through the sales funnel, and to drive sales through Amazon. We also promoted award successes through partnerships with T3 and Which? magazines. Building relationships with the likes of celebrity architect George Clarke, and racing driver Jamie Chadwick, we created an ambassador network to activate top of the funnel activity and stimulate brand awareness activity.

Reactive social was a key component of our overarching strategy, using social listening to unpick key cultural moments and put an Arlo spin on events. For example, when Banksy’s latest piece of street art appeared on a house in Bristol, we set about creating a campaign around the social chatter. Deploying a team to set up security cameras around the artwork, Arlo and its parent company Verisure became the knights in shining armour, protecting the street art from vandals. Our content teams captured the camera installation on film, and enabled users across Europe to visit the artwork virtually using 4K cameras. The #Banksy #CaughtOnArlo campaign snowballed, getting additional press and reposts by influencers and Banksy lovers across Europe. This is now an ongoing part of Arlo’s European strategy, looking for reactive opportunities to build the brand name amongst key audiences.

To fully maximise viewership online and to keep the campaign’s momentum going, the European strategy was enhanced to create hyper targeted audience groups in each territory. Audiences were built based on robust data taken from previous social campaigns and tailored to be as specific as possible. All content was localised to make sure it’s relevant within each market and to resonate with the specific audience groups.

We wanted to make sure that we were hitting all our core KPI’s across the funnel and tailoring content to focus on awareness, consideration, and conversion. Each individual asset was built with a specific optimisation in mind across paid social. Copy was tailored to be specific for each area of the funnel, making sure we were targeting the right people with the right messaging.