Stuart joined the tree as Creative Director at the start of 2021 bringing over 20 years of experience in some of the best agencies in the world to the creative department.

Stuart strives to bring a media agnostic feel to the agency thinking, making sure that every idea, no matter how small has a real world outcome that offers a fair exchange for people’s time. Taking an inclusive approach to idea generation, Stuart believes that great ideas can come from anywhere and regularly invites every tree member to help kick off new creative projects and clients.

Having worked above and below the line across global clients such as Unilever, Hertz, Philips, adidas and Diageo – he’s able to tackle any brief with genuine experience. He’s been fortunate enough to have won over 50 industry awards for creativity including 5 Cannes Lions and Best International Creative Team. Over the last 20 years, Stuart has reinvented tennis, designed Aston Martins, created festivals that fit into a 4x4 and broken world records with the world’s highest altitude music gig.

Aside from the tree, Stuart also volunteers at Ignite Hubs, a charity who’s mission is to bring education to underprivileged children in the UK who for whatever reason struggle with regular tuition – working to re-imagine learning so that anyone can discover their passion, turn it into a life skill and gain the confidence they need to achieve their future goals.