Emilie joined the tree in 2018, as a PA and Office Manager. After generating great relationships with the team and helping to enhance the company culture Emilie decided to develop her knowledge and undertake a level 5 CIPD diploma. With a focus on recruitment talent management and employment law Emilie was able to gain a great understanding of both internal and external factors that impact an organisation. This enabled Emilie to make a lateral move in the company to become the first full time HR employee and strive to make a real impact at work.

Emilie is passionate about making the workplace somewhere the team really want to spend time and is constantly researching and developing initiatives to strengthen our Employee Value Proposition with an array of attractive benefits, monthly events and monthly masterclass sessions.

Emilie has updated and amended internal processes to enhance efficiency and to suit the teams personal and professional development ensuring that change management is effectively dealt with and transitions are smooth. She regularly attends online seminars and events to constantly develop and stay abreast of emerging human resource management changes.