Are You Looking to Give Your Elderly Loved One More Freedom?'

We are championing an exciting 3-month user-testing campaign aiming to help your loved one to live more independently, and provide a solution to the problem of social care.

We need 50 volunteers to be a part of our study and try out the system for themselves.

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We’re looking for volunteers to help us test our innovative, trail-blazing new campaign to help empower elderly people to live more independently for longer.

At the tree, we’re looking to champion a 3-month trial and research campaign that looks to enable longer independent living for older people. This will mean the elderly community spending more time in their own homes, rather than having to rely on the social care system.

We’ve partnered with North West Kent Volunteering Service to help deliver the study and need 50 volunteers to try the home automation system for themselves. 50 volunteers will receive one unit and up to 100 people will be observers in the trial.

Through innovative technology, the new, unobtrusive home automation system lets older people live freely whilst having support and comfort knowing that should they need assistance, an alarm will be raised automatically to come to their aid.

This home-supported living system lets older people remain at their homes and continue to live an independent life, staving off going into a care home, bringing them greater personal and financial freedom.

The study needs older people, family, friends and concerned children of parents who are facing the next stage of their lives to take part. Be part of our team of testers by filling in the short form below and we’ll be in touch.


In partnership with:

  • Volunteer Centre


By taking part in the study, you are pioneering new technology that improves the chance of independent living in your community. Experience something that could keep people in their homes for longer.

This campaign is at the forefront of improved living and home automation. Be the first to test meaningful technology that will improve the lives of many elderly people around the world, and reduce social care costs.

By taking part in this study, you will be given state-of-the-art prototype technology to keep and use beyond the duration of the study. Own your very own piece of the future.

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