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Introducing the travel marketing trinity

Download this in-depth eBook to help you level up your marketing efforts.

Travel marketing used to be about glossy brochures and selling idyllic getaways, today that’s not even half the story.

In partnership with Ink, we’ve taken a deep dive into a number of tactics you can employ to improve your current marketing mix, including a range of practical tips you can implement right now.

Split into three core sections, this eBook covers the critical roles of insight, content and social and how they can be effectively incorporated into marketing your travel brand.

Here are a few of the 28 sections included within:

         •  What kind of data holds the best insights for travel marketers?
         •  The role of insight when things go wrong
         •  Uncertainty and purchase decisions

         •  Multiple touch-point decision making and the role of content
         •  Authority, authenticity and owning local knowledge
         •  The power of micro-moments

         •  Interacting before and after travel
         •  Leveraging influencers
         •  Practical tips for social and review engagement

And much more! Download yours now.


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