YouTube Announce New Updates to Live Streams

YouTube Announce New Updates to Live Streams

YouTube has announced a range of new updates to its live streaming service in an effort to improve the experience for viewers and creators alike. 

Live chat replay

The video-sharing company has launched the ability to replay chats that occurred during a live stream allowing users to follow the conversation even when a live stream has ended.Live chat replays will display alongside the video, exactly as it appeared when live.

Automatic captions

YouTube will also make live streams more accessible by bringing automatic captions to live streams when professionally provided captions are not available.

Using their live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology, users can expect captions with error rates and latency approaching industry standards.

The feature will launch the next few weeks for videos in English, according to the company.

Location tags

Another new feature brings the ability for YouTube creators who are streaming live from their mobile to tag the location they’re recording at. Users can explore other videos with the same location tag by clicking, as well as by using a location filter on the search results page to find other videos from a specific area.

Linking Super Chat

Lastly, Super Chat feature, which lets viewers pay to have their comment highlighted in a chat stream, can now be connected to IFTTT (If This, Then That) allowingSuper Chats to activate internet-connected devices like pet feeders or confetti cannons.

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