Trend Setters in Motion Graphics Transitions

Trend Setters in Motion Graphics Transitions

Motion graphics can be mesmerising. One particularly interesting and important part of creating an animation is transition: in other words, how to move smoothly from visual A to visual B. Taking something from one static frame to a second requires a whole load of skill. That’s why liquid motion graphics are amazing!

Those who are tired of geometric shapes and harsh straight lines will appreciate seeing something a little more fluid. While motion graphic transitions are a little bit challenging, from a creative perspective, they’re really rewarding.

Here are some examples of where the transitions in liquid graphics are smooth engaging and aesthetically pleasing. 

    1. ADCN Talent Leader

This video centres around the theme of Blood, Sweat and Cheers. The subject focuses on creative struggles. This video was designed, directed and produced by PlusOne.

        1. Design in 2020

This video shows the future of Nike, all told through the journey of a sneaker and its development from concept to consumer.

        1. L’Œil du Cyclone 

Director and animation Masanobu Hiraoka brings a cyclone to life in this hypnotic, ritualistic dance.

As you can see, liquid motion is an incredibly effective and unique style of animation. The orbiting shapes and lines merge and liquidise to transform themselves. Demonstrating the relationship between liquids and solids, straight lines and curves, the opposing forums emphasise one another as they ripple and dissolve into one. In other words, we think they’re pretty cool.

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