This Month in Social... So far

This Month in Social... So far

The only thing that changes more than social media is the weather on a typical British day in August. From the way a user engages with their favourite brand to the constant updates, the platforms place at our fingertips. Below are some of our favourite social stories from October. Enjoy!

Instagram launch polls in stories – Social media is all about being interactive, and Facebook is always looking for ways to make sure Instagram are at the top of the pile. The addition of polls isn’t just a great feature for users, but also a great addition for brands. Say you want to throw a flash sale for your skincare brand, it’d be beneficial to let your audience choose which products you put on sale. This is great for those engagement stats and conversions.

Influencer use of Snapchat drops 33% - Oh snap. (Sorry about that). According to a recent report, Snapchat Story usage was down 33% over the last 6 months with influencers focusing their efforts on Instagram Stories. Have you made the switch or are you still Team Snapchat?

Business pages will soon be able to post Facebook Stories – Remember when Facebook went on a rampage and added Stories to all of their products? Well, they’re about to do the same for Facebook Pages. Since the launch of Instagram Stories, over half of the brands on the platform have utilised the feature. Will we see the same success for Facebook Pages or will users just ignore them?

LinkedIn mounts belated push into video advertising – LinkedIn is a great platform for seeing what your old school enemies are up to but unfortunately for them, they’re a tad late to the social video party. Now owned by Microsoft, the platform is doubling down on their social video efforts, allowing selected users to upload video directly to the platform. How do you think the platforms users will take to LinkedIn’s new feature?

Facebook: We want a billion people in VR – Facebook have recently launched the ‘Oculus Go’, a standalone VR headset that will be released in 2018 for $199. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg has hailed the headset as the ‘most accessible VR experience ever’. Will this price point finally allow VR to go mass market? We’ll soon see.

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