The Things I Know to be True at the tree

The Things I Know to be True at the tree

Looking back at my first four weeks at the tree, it’s safe to say that I’ve had an absolute blast. From the welcoming nature of everyone in the office, to the exciting contracts we’ve got in place, I really feel like I’ve found my new home.

So, here are some of these things:

  1. Tech, tech, tech!

Yes, it may seem silly that I am still surprised by the advance of all things technological as I work in digital marketing, but I am. Here at the tree, we always make sure we’re keeping on top of new developments by attending events and conducting our own in-house training on everything from design and build to social media animations to chatbots. Last week we had our first Tech Lecture and Pub Quiz.

I also went to Technology for Marketing, and was astounded at the advance of AR, which is currently being used fantastically in B2C marketing – Apple and IKEA have teamed up to launch IKEA Place, an app that lets you place furniture in your home/office/any space you want before you buy. But, what about B2B, I asked? Watch this space.

Oh, and we also have our own CMS system, the root, and are continually refreshing its capabilities to fit client – and internal – needs.

  1. There’s no formulaic approach to content marketing

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the industry dramatically change. What was once a ‘lift-off-the-shelf’ marketing solution is no longer applicable. ROI is hugely important, and with that comes a multitude of approaches. The most powerful question to ask is always: Why? When it comes to campaigns and always-on marketing, this is my preferred port of call and that’s how we do it here at the tree. After that, we apply a bespoke configuration of marketing tactics, often supercharged by some form of technology. It’s hugely exciting not be constrained into a particular execution or platform.

  1. A laugh goes a long way

Ok, so I knew this one already, but I believe in kindness and laughter – and it’s one of the things I hold in very high regard. It’s safe to say that I’ve felt this over the last three weeks, and I’m looking forward to everything that’s in store for me in the future.

  1. Ideas come first

I’ve been a part of some pretty hefty brainstorms since day dot, and am excited to see some of these ideas come to fruition over the next couple of months. You can’t put a price on originality, character, and dynamism, especially when there are client metrics to hit. In marketing, personality and customer journeys are the key, and I can say – with full confidence – that these factors always ring true in the collective tree-ers’ ideas and mindsets.

To wrap up, it’s been a great four weeks. I’m sure over the coming days/weeks/months/years, I will figure out much, much more that I know to be true at the tree, and I can’t wait.