The future of connected brand experiences 2021

The future of connected brand experiences 2021

The pandemic has accelerated a technological shift as we’ve all had to learn how to connect in different ways. But for brands previously reliant on engaging audiences through experiential and live events, when physical connection isn’t possible, how do you remain connected?  

In collaboration with ACA Live, a full-service creative production agency, we have produced a whitepaper to help brands future proof their business for a 'new normal' in the experiential and live event’s sphere in 2021: The Future Of Connected Brand Experiences 2021.

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We believe in order to run a successful live event or experience in our evolving landscape, brands need to consider the following three pillars: Connection, Innovation and Sustainability.


Humans are a social species, we like to connect, we enjoy immersive experiences - as a brand, it is crucial to not lose sight of the importance of connecting with your audience. We explore the themes of connection and how brands can stay connected to the consumers in uncertain times with an impending recession, not just now but as we enter an evolved way to deliver a hybrid balance of digital and physical immersive experiences in the future.


Despite the challenges the industry is currently facing, experiential and live events in 2021 have the promise of a rich landscape of technological opportunity. To thrive in a new world, brands need to leverage the opportunity to create hybrid and digital events or innovate with event technology. In our whitepaper, we review cutting edge approaches to brand experiences – both online and off, and how brands can bridge the gap between the physical and digital in unique and transformative ways.


A sustainable approach to business, and in turn marketing, is at the forefront of the conversation, and is only set to capture more share of mind and voice as we come out of a global pandemic, with people wanting brands to build back better than before. In this section of our whitepaper, we explore how and why brands need to approach events, marketing and beyond as sustainably as possible, including a breakdown of the three pillars of sustainability (People, Environment, Economy).

With change comes opportunity, and we believe there is a great scope to create impactful hybrid virtual-live event experiences for brands and their audiences.

Download our whitepaper now to find out how to adapt and leverage opportunities to connect with your audience in this new world, and get first access to the benchmark findings from our recent consumer and brand report. These reports reveal actionable insight into the consumer around live events and digital experiences in the 'new normal', as well as key challenges brands are experiencing in the experiential space.


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