Swatting up on our Education Client: QA Education

Swatting up on our Education Client: QA Education

How could we say no? 

One of our latest clients is the higher education provider QA Higher Education, who have partnerships with great universities like Northumbria University, University of Ulster and University of Roehampton.

They are a quality higher education provider offering students from across the world the opportunity to study here in the UK. Pretty cool. They wanted us to redesign the Northumbria University, London Campus website – how could we say no?

Speedy, not sloppy

The best thing about working with QA has been our close collaboration with our friends in their marketing team. Within three weeks of meeting, we had already started designing the brand new website. After twelve weeks, the site was live and fully functioning. Result.

Modern, responsive, and interactive (Google Maps campus tours, anyone?), the Northumbria University, London Campus website is everything it needed to be and more – all delivered on time and to cost.

While we would never, ever condone rushing a project, we are chuffed to have developed such a large, complex site – including customized CMS – in just three months.

The guys at QA Higher Education were pleased with us, too. They gave us a glowing review:

“This was a big task to complete in such a short timeframe. The team at the tree responded quickly to our brief and drove the project from day one. They even allowed for creative user-experience innovations that we hadn’t expected, like hover states and iconography. They’ve taken what we had and future-proofed it for the foreseeable future.” – Katherine Trewern, Marketing Manager

Another bite of the apple

Once we’d proven we’re worth our salt, we we’re given permission to work on the next websites – Northumbria University: Pathway, and Ulster University London.

We’ve literally just finished the Ulster website and we’re ready for our next big project together – whatever that might be!

Here at the tree, we’re just happy that we can provide websites for an organisation that’s providing a truly valuable service to people from around the world.

If you’ve like to learn more about our team’s experience in the education sector, get in touch on 0203 222 0077.