Study on Independent Living for the Elderly and We Need Your Help!

Study on Independent Living for the Elderly and We Need Your Help!

Since 2001, the growth of the UK’s population aged 65 and over has increased 11%, with around 3.5 million of these people living alone. With a rise in the older population it’s not a surprise that there are more people going into care homes. But many desire to remain in their own homes and they can do. All it’ll take is a little lifeline.

As an agency, our passionate about community issues, and social care sees us champion a 3-month trial and research campaign that looks to enable longer independent living for older people.

We are working on behalf of an anonymous tech client and partnering with North West Kent Volunteering Service to help deliver the study and need 50 volunteers to participate and try out the home automation system for themselves. 50 volunteers will receive one unit and up to 100 people will be observers in the trial.

Through innovative technology, the new home automation system lets older people live freely whilst having support and comfort in the knowledge that should they need assistance, an alarm will be raised automatically to come to their aid.

The system works by monitoring a person’s daily ‘trends’. These trends are formed by a person’s habits such as sleep, dining and outdoors mobility. If there are any odd changes in usual habits a designated carer, friend or family member will be notified.

This home supported living system lets older people remain in their homes and continue to live an independent life, staving off going into a care home.

The study required participation from older people, family, friends and concerned children of parents who are facing the next stage of their lives to take part.

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