Socially led growth through the macro landscape

Socially led growth through the macro landscape

Macro influence is all about the big things that leave a mark on society, and 2024 is shaping up to deliver big events with a huge impact on culture and the world. These are the events that shape how we act, feel and behave as a nation, as a community and as individuals – and how we can expect them to impact social. Here’s a sneak peek into the macro trends that are shaking things up.

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Living in a polycrisis norm

Welcome to a world where regular economic rollercoasters, environmental twists and geopolitical turns are the new normal. The polycrisis is a wild ride, and we’re living on it.

The rise of heartful spending

Hold onto your wallets. Despite the economic rollercoaster, households are engaging in retail therapy to make themselves feel better. Get a glimpse into the social media trends that are steering our spending decisions in the greenprint.

A digital enlistment

Social media is our new battleground for causes. Brands, get ready for a socially savvy audience with a playbook for navigating activism with heart.

Acclimatising to the climate crisis

The climate crisis could be taking a breather. Humour might just be the secret sauce to slipping in some essential climate facts and galvanising change. Laughing our way to a greener world anyone?

Communicating through the norm of a polycrisis

Brands making a positive impact? Absolutely! Dive into how brands are jumping into the ring, engaging with communities and shaking hands with corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The United Contrarians of Britain

2023 was a social media feast for the UK. What talking points from the past year hold the keys to decoding the mysteries of Great Britain in 2024? Sports might be the answer.

The highlights

  1. The climate crisis is taking a time-out, and brands are on a mission to reignite the energy – with a dash of humour or some surprise moves.

  2. 2024's pulling us in two economic directions – spend or save. How can brands keep up? Learn how you can ride the financial ups and downs in our greenprint.

  3. Politics is stealing the social spotlight. Brace yourselves as brands navigate opinions in what is set to be a tumultuous year.

  4. National sporting moments are the glue that holds society together online. How can brands ride the wave of national pride?

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