Socially led growth in 2024

Socially led growth in 2024

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The past isn’t always an indication of what’s coming in the future. But a reading of recent history in terms of people's behaviours can present some clues as to what the future might hold. We haven’t got a crystal ball but looking at trends on social media – whether that’s Girl Math revealing a need for financial control or 93% of business leaders believing AI will change how they work in the future – can give us an idea of what we should be focusing on when it comes to creating content that converts. 

Elena Georgiou, Strategist here at the tree, has been deciphering the trends and insights of 2023 to create a cohesive view of what’s coming in the next 12 months. Using social listening tools like Meltwater, audience survey software from GWI and Demographics Pro, and real-world, anecdotal storytelling, the team have crafted a whitepaper – or ‘greenprint – which breaks down the cultural, societal, and behavioural motives for liking, sharing and interacting online. Think of it as your guide to not just how people use social media, but how they think, act, and feel based on wider societal and cultural events. 

The greenprint is split into sections which explore the macro trends we’ve observed, the micro insights which delve a bit deeper into the people on socials, social itself (which focuses on the behaviours these trends have generated) and a final section focusing on categories: case studies from tree clients revealing our trends in action. 

“This paper is rooted in current British behaviours and upcoming moments that we believe define trends. The greenprint offers marketers the opportunity to align their own brand narratives and communications with our wider cultural insights to ensure relevance and defining movements for them in 2024.”

Elena Georgiou, Strategist, the tree.

You’ll be able to take away usable insights which can impact your always-on, paid and reactive social calendar for the next year. The socially led growth greenprint isn’t designed to be a throwaway piece of content. You can take what you learn here and apply it to your creative, ensuring you’re driving conversions in your target audience. 

You’ll also get a brief insight into the strategy team’s tribes model – a new way of looking at audience categorisation which builds on the age-old persona model to incorporate behavioural psychology, the networking effect and how brands can use these ideas to affect purchasing decisions. We’ll be launching our tribes greenprint later this year, so keep your eyes on the tree socials. 

If you like what you’re reading, make sure you download the whitepaper. It could just be the piece of content that sends your social into the stratosphere in 2024. And, if your social media marketing could do with a refresh from some of the brightest minds in the creative industry, get in touch for a consultation from the tree.

Contact: Sam Priest
Senior Sales and Marketing Executive