Sharing is Caring, Thanks to Philippe Starck

Sharing is Caring, Thanks to Philippe Starck

It’s 2017 and sharing is caring. Share a coke with friends. Tear and share your bag of Walker’s crisps. Share this post.  

Luckily enough when the 2024 Olympics in Paris (pending a winning bid) roll around we will be able to dish out some precious metals with Philippe Starck’s shareable medals.

Splitting into four pieces, successful Olympians will be able to share their success with loved ones, or whoever they like for that matter, maybe even keep all four bits to themselves if they feel like it, who are you to judge? No longer will sharing that final Rolo be the paramount gesture of affection and selflessness.

The French designer is no stranger to designing on the world stage, with his most recognisable pieces including the iconic Juicy Salif citrus squeezer, Louis Ghost chair, and Gnome stool. Starck has actually already been involved with the Olympics in some capacity, having previously designed the torch for the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.

"Today, more than ever, the truth is that you're not winning alone, so I wanted this medal to reflect that," said Starck. "If the winner wants to share it, they can share it. It's a really nice way of truly showing team spirit. The winner can literally take his or her medal and separate it into pieces to be given away."

Should the Paris Olympic bid be successful, Starck's design would be presented at the 2024 Games, following the Tokyo Games in 2020. Japan's mountains of e-waste from millions of discarded smartphones and computers are reportedly being evaluated as a manufacturing source for the manufacture of medals for the Tokyo medals. This is following the Rio 2016 Olympics, where the silver and bronze medals were 30% recycled metals, with the ribbons being 50% made from recycled bottles.