Real Pokémon GO Marketing Tips for Your Business

Real Pokémon GO Marketing Tips for Your Business

Is this just a fad or are we really on the brink of a Tron Universe? As we speak, Nintendo’s stocks are surging, malware is spreading like wildfire and grown-ups are writing to tell other grown-ups how Pokémon GO could improve their business – and it’s not even arrived in the UK yet.

Conceived by Ninantec in 2013 and set for imminent worldwide release, it is a location-based app that uses augmented reality to bring Pokémon avatars into your real life. Put simply, using your phone’s GPS and camera you can create a character and view it in your surroundings on your screen.  

By visiting Poké Stops and Pokémon Gyms in various predetermined real life locations, you will improve your character and progress through the game. Of course, in keeping with the original game, you can capture other people’s Pokémon – although you must throw a Poké Ball to do so rather than fight your opponent.

Use the upward curve of a super fad

Whether this article trends or not, reacting to big crazes can charge your output with reach far beyond its given potential. Acknowledging something quickly means that you’re on the ball, comprehending it fluently means you’re a thinker, using it to help convert sales is genius.

Why not draw parallels between Pokémon GO and your world, then write about it? Or develop signage and creative assets that excite fans of the game?

Use the “Lure Module” to boost events

While most of the press on this feature is about unscrupulous users, we have various clients that could use this to help draw the right crowd. Using the Lure Module, you can attract local beasts to your nearest Poké Stop. You can either pay for lures or you can hang around while someone else does the same.

For small businesses looking to attract footfall, setting lures to capture people who are nearby could really improve awareness and sales. In particular, this will benefit stores and events who are looking to attract young gamers. While it’s fresh, this kind of activity will also attract the press. Will you become the first Pokémon GO café?

Use social media to attract local fans

Wonderfully, you can take pictures of your own Pokémon in different locations. To be proactive, why don’t you create a rule whereby everyone who posts a picture of a Pokémon on your retail, leisure or recreational premises gets a prize (#PokePic). Or for a prolonged effect, the best one will be chosen and rewarded at the end of the month. Your feeds are soon to be littered with these pics, so why not add your business to the mix before the novelty of picturing a Pokémon dies down.   

Become an influencer. Know more than everyone else!

The game is fundamentally about exploration. Already people are walking streets, parks and public areas, discovering mythical worlds in the places they thought they knew. Soon they’ll want to be a Pokémon GO tourist, seeking the best places to explore and interact with new critters and environments. If you can provide tips on the hottest places to visit – people will keep coming back for more.

Right now, people will already be building their knowledge to become influencers in this area. The media will stake their claim and businesses outside of Nintendo will profit from this. Join in the fun.