Perhaps it didn’t make the broadsheets, but news of our nomination for Start-Up Agency of the Year at The Drum Network Awards certainly delighted the team at the 'tree house'. And why not? It’s a national award dished out by one of marketing’s most influential organisations.  

At the very least, the entry encouraged both Dan and I to reflect on what has been a superb first 18 months in business.

Early in April 2014, we were sat in Pizza Express with some oversized bottles of Peroni discussing if this will or won’t work. The conversation was short, and with all the confidence in the world the tree began work.

So, what’s happened since then to make us eligible for such an honour? Too much to mention in a well-measured blog, but this is what I suspect will have given us a chance. 

We’ve grown from two to twelve, with the large majority staff now working full time.

After meeting our ambitious first year targets, we outgrew a bedroom and now we have our very own ‘tree house’ in the heart of Shoreditch, something we've always wanted purely for the name. Whether you like it or not, East London is an extremely vibrant and interesting place to work and to be a part of its fabric is a great feeling.

While our client-base and necessary internal systems have enabled this level of growth, by far the most important thing in our entire mix is the team.

To begin, we simply ask new recruits to be interesting and interested. That’s our thing.

Thankfully, they have matched our expectations and we now have a diverse set of individuals whose interests lie in more than just marketing. They lie in politics, music, theatre, art, film and food. It’s created a rich atmosphere for ideas and productivity – and a business that our clients credit. 

In context, 80% of new business now comes from client referrals.

We will be dealt our card on December 3rd, but win or lose, it’s a great privilege to be a part of the tree right now.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted on the outcome.