Tube strike: The best alternative places to work for the day

Tube strike: The best alternative places to work for the day
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It seems that a tube strike is never too far away these days. We tend to be an office of troopers, but sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and say that a two hour bus ride to work means other plans might be more sensible.

We’re an office of collaborators too, working best when we’re all in one room sharing and communicating. So if the office has to close, but you still want to see those darling faces of your team members the next day, where can you go?

Here are our favourite places to work together when the office is out of bounds.

EZ & Moss – Islington

A 5 minute walk from the highly connected Highbury & Islington and Holloway Road tube stations, EZ and Moss is an amazing place to spend an industrious morning. The coffee is top notch, the food is insanely tasty and the table by the window is perfect for cracking on with some creative work while watching the gentrification of Holloway Road creep slowly north from Upper Street, almost before your very eyes...

O2 drop-in Workshop – Tottenham Court Road

Great for work as well as meeting clients in a more formal environment, the Workshop is a sleek, sharp place to do business out of the office. Its central location makes it very useful, as do the reception staff on hand to help you with all technical needs.

BFI Library – Southbank

The British Film Institute’s library is a really cool place to work. Located on the trendy Southbank, there’s plenty of inspiring sights and inspirations around to fill you with industrious aspirations.

Needless to say, if you are doing a bit of research on film or television, this is the ideal place to come. Even if not, the cool crowd that the wealth of books, videos and tapes attracts might give you a bit of a boost.  

Starbucks – Fleet Street

Working in a Starbucks is obvious, but this one is a bit special.

Just a stone’s throw from KCL, LSE and the Royal Courts of Justice, what appears like an inadequately small Starbucks (especially given the infamy of lawyers’ and students’ addiction to coffee) opens up in to an Aladdin-esque caffeinated cavern.

Assured of having enough room, all the obvious benefits of working in Starbucks come into their own: the buckets of cheap coffee, the free Wi-Fi, the delicious brownies. Maybe some of the LSE students’ work ethic will rub off on you too?

The Book Club – Shoreditch

Art gallery, kitchen, bar, night club and table tennis stadium – is there anything it can’t do! – The Book Club is a really chilled place to work during the day. You can be sure there will be good ambient music, and a good selection of draughts if you need to get the creative juices flowing. Great if you have plans in East London later on in the evening. 

So good luck with the strikes! We hope you have a productive day. But stay away from our favourite table or else!


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