As we wave off 2016 into the distance, we thought we would take some time to give you our predictions on some of 2017’s tipped tech trends. Last year saw some great innovations and this year’s looking even bigger, so we thought we would share our top 3 picks of tech trends to take on this year.

Live Video Streaming

With internet speeds on the rise and even further increased adoption of mobile devices, ‘live’ video has become a trend of its own with a plethora of apps and platforms giving an options for some sort of ‘Live Streaming’. With Facebook and Snapchat releasing their developments last year and Instagram launching its functionality to the UK last week, here at the tree we are braced to see how brand’s embrace this new tool.

With audiences being drowned in content, up-to-date ‘live’ content has a lot of currency and even this year’s first US Presidential debate was streamed live. Beyond the content currency, with most of the new platforms are allowing broadcasters to see exactly who is viewing their content and when , what better way for brands to discover exactly who is engaged with them.

With users adapting and familiarising to the concept, we can see 2017 as the year brands will be create big, bold, unmissable ‘live’ content, making this one of the top tech picks to take one this year.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

We are aware that over the last few years we have been repeatedly told it was ready for the prime time but with the unmissable take off of Pokémon Go in 2016, Augmented and Virtual Reality finally became a tangible tool that made sense for brands to be using.

It wasn’t just Pokémon getting in on the action, there were multiple examples of brands like Pepsi and Max Factor. These Augmented Reality apps have the potential to revolutionise ecommerce shopping allowing brands to let consumers virtually test products before purchasing. For example, envisioning what their kitchen re-design could look like, or virtually trying on clothes before purchasing.

With Sony and Apple getting a piece of the pie this year with their own mixed and virtual-reality products as well as even more affordable products set to hit the market, 2017 is likely to be the year of AR and VR domination as consumers adapt to the concept.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Our final tech trend tipped to take off this year is something that many in the media and marketing world may be familiar with. Chatbot’s and Virtual Assistants have been making a recent takeover in the with brands such as Microsoft, H&M and Amazon using this tool to talk and interact to customers with everything from complaints to personal style tips.

With the ability to build in brand personality, tone of voice and unique personalisation’s based on consumer data such as past purchases, personality, browser history this not only a conversational tool. With data breached on the rise, these chat bots have the added benefits of ensured security and control over personal information making this a guaranteed tool to dominate the customer service landscape.