Snappy creative tips to jumpstart your business

Snappy creative tips to jumpstart your business
Written by Edward Fraser

 1.    Tell stories 

In our latest newsletter we quoted James Cameron, saying, “I'm a storyteller; that's what exploration really is all about. Going to places where others haven't been and returning to tell a story they haven't heard before.” We couldn’t agree more. Forge your business’s future by creating and telling fresh interesting stories. In order to find the parts to your stories, ask questions like:

  • What’s the best and most unique interaction that you’ve ever had with a client? How did it occur?
  • Think about the best day you’ve ever had at work. Why was it so good?
  • What is the most interesting thing to have happened in the office?
  • What makes your clients happy outside of work?


I once asked a client about their best day at work. They said that they’d been on a training course, working with firemen to experience fighting a blaze. However, when asked what they did for a job, they said they were a business consultancy. I would’ve said: “I put out fires for our clients at their most critical moments.”

 2.    Create a hook

In a previous post, we discussed how very small inexpensive things make the difference between customers and return customers. So it’s no surprise that often the most attractive selling point for a customer is a short tagline. However, there is a science to creating a good strap. Here are some of our favorites. I think all of the best taglines are conversational and friendly, no matter how big and beastly the business. Why not rethink yours?

  • Amex – "Don’t leave home without it"
  • Verizon (telecoms) - "Can you hear me now? Good.”
  • Reebok - “I am what I am”
  • Holiday Inn - “Pleasing people the world over”
  • Yellow Pages - “Let your fingers do the walking”
  • Abbey - “Because life’s complicated enough"


3.    Be surprising

One of my favorite sayings is “Jumping the shark”. It’s a phrase coined by the show Happy Days. The story goes that the scriptwriters had exhausted every conceivable storyline, so they resorted to penning an episode in which Fonzie, on water skis and in denim hot pants, jumps a large shark. To their surprise, the episode was really well received and ever since, when ideas are few and far between, people are encouraged to “Jump the shark”. Why not go way, way outside of the box? Sometimes that’s where winning ideas exist.  


Be sure to come back, but this is classic Fonzie.  

 4.    Docu-you

Business owners have often only ever seen their organisation in a number of ways: on paper, on screen or verbally critiqued by others. However, the best and most immersive way for you and your potential clients to view your business is through video. The combination of live action, images, sound, music, words and effects can communicate your business like no other format.

That said, think “cinematography” not “corporate video”, as I absolutely do not believe in the latter. Shoot your office, clients and customers as a film-maker not a camera man. Talk to a 3rd party suppliers that understand the importance of b-role footage rather than talking heads.

 5.    Build a drum beat

Try to build a drum beat of marketing activity across all channels, hitting the sweetest spots day in, day out, and using the entire marketing kit to create a rhythm for your audience to tap along to. If you’ve thought strategically about making every touch point with your potential customers relevant, consistent and catchy, they will become your groupies before long. However, this can’t be achieved without a fully integrated marketing strategy that’s been created for today’s audiences. Not yesterday’s. 

For more on any of the above, ask for me on 020 3362 9494.


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