If 2014 saw the rise of content marketing, 2015 is set to be the year of interactive content and gamification. Go back 10 years, and you’d be surprised to see an interactive billboard like this one. Inside the sign, sensors detect when a train pulls into the platform, and blows the woman’s hair. Now, sights like these are commonplace, and it’s only going to get more popular.

50% of companies will embrace gamification

According to a report in Venture Beat, this year will see half of the companies that use innovation processes will gamify them. An early example of this was the UK Department for Work and Pensions, which created an idea-generating game called Idea Street that aimed to decentralise idea generation. In just under 18 months, the game had 4,500 users and had generated over 1,400 ideas. Out of those, 63 have gone through to implementation. Impressive.

An example of a fantastic interactive campaign comes from ASSS. It shows a man not breathing, and invites people in the bus shelter to try to resuscitate him, with the aim to attract people to health service-related work. This is a fantastic example of how a new technology like multi-touch can be used to engage people and raise awareness.

What’s so good about interactivity?

In a word: engagement. The general trend is the more people are active in their consumption of media, the more they absorb it. Participation equals engagement, and engagement equals message absorption.

As marketers, we think that’s pretty great because it means we can come up with innovative, creative ideas that take advantage of the latest technologies – that excite both our clients and their audiences.

The end of throwaway experiences

In addition, though, interactive, gamifying content allows us to cut through the shallow, throwaway content that has proliferated on social media. Instead, we can make things that people actually care about. Ed Fraser, the tree’s head of content and production says:

“All of today’s channels are saturated with disposable, throwaway experiences. It’s in our human nature to connect and interact, and it’s those interactive experiences that people remember. It’s a great way for brands to become front-of-mind in their markets.” 

Coming soon

Here at the tree, we're proud of the exciting content marketing that we've been delivering to our clients, and we’re almost ready to share a really cool piece of interactive content that we’ve been putting a lot of our efforts and creativity into. We can’t say much more than that right now, but stay tuned for more information. We’ll definitely be shouting about it on our social channels, when it’s live.