Five writing tips for personable social media

Five writing tips for personable social media
Written by Edward Fraser

Cracking the social media nut is tough. Brands and products without the clout of Apple and its new watch often find it difficult to gain interest, followers, traffic and sales through social channels.

Well, here’s the secret: People want to be where other people are. Like the best bar in town, everyone wants be where they can meet other interesting individuals and interact without an agenda – even if someone does quietly slip you a card while you’re enjoying yourself.  

Write for people

It’s tough to be personable in just a few written words. That’s if you haven’t read the handy tips below.

  1. "Adjectivity"

    A simple tip but not one to forget. Adjectives like “effortless”, “fun”, “horrible” and “unreal” help add an opinion to what is otherwise a statement. After all, what’s “a snail” if it isn’t “a charming snail”.

  2. Quash the rumor that you’re machines

    Don’t be afraid to show the world that your business is run by a set of humans.

    Name names. Post photos. Discuss the pet hates of new starters. It shows that your care lies in more than spreadlines and bottomsheets.

  3. Nurture

    I believe that social media accounts can’t rely on scheduling. The intricacies of day-to-day relationships show that opportunities and occurrences should be responded to promptly. Think of your social channels as a set of toddlers – the more care and attention you give, the more rounded and successful the blighters will become. 

  4. It’s not all about you

    We’re back in our bar. Don’t be the person constantly talking about yourself. At least if you do, make sure your stories include others. It’s the same online. People want to see their interests reflected in your posts. Practically, that means reflecting the language of your target audiences.   

  5. Smile

    Be chirpy. People don’t want to be friends with a killjoy. Whether or not the topic is light, keep your language upbeat and snappy.  If you’re a joy to have around then people will keep you around, and maybe even invite you in for a chat.   


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