Facebook vs Twitter: No Clash of the Titans, No David vs Goliath

Facebook vs Twitter: No Clash of the Titans, No David vs Goliath
Written by Edward Fraser

1.49 billion people across the world are active on Facebook every month. The other 5 billion don’t use the Internet. At all!

Facebook and Twitter have recently released their second quarter figures and the numbers speak for themselves. Facebook reigns supreme over the social media realm, while Twitter is lagging behind, with less than a quarter of Facebook’s monthly users: 316 million per month. No wonder interim CEO Jack Dorsey is not impressed with the audience growth.

Although it doesn’t seem able to draw level with the other major player anytime soon, it’s not all doom and gloom for the chirping social platform. Twitter increased its advertising revenue by 63% to $45m, but still remains at a huge loss of $137m. Slow and steady, some might say!

What’s in it for Businesses?

Zuckerberg is optimistic as usual, and why wouldn’t he be? He’s planning to set out drones flying across the globe to give Internet to the 5 billion people Facebook hasn’t reached yet.

However, this means that the prospects for companies hoping to make their way onto consumers’ newsfeeds becomes even more restricted than ever by the amount of money they’re willing to invest in social PPC.

No more hoping for the odd organic likes, sporadic engagement and fingers-crossed for building a solid reputation. Instead Facebook’s new algorithm makes it increasingly difficult to pop onto people’s feeds, and now its focus is increasingly shifting towards video content: Zuckerberg said that since the start of the year, Pages are now sharing over 40% more videos.

On the Twitter front, the launch of Periscope, the app that lets you “broadcast live video to the world” earlier this year has yet to make a significant impact on the company’s revenue and user base, but there is definitely a hunger for monetisation.

Plus, Periscope is so awesome we can’t even imagine brands not integrating it into their social media strategies: live demos, product launches, live Q&As, crowdsourcing, customer support, live tutorials. The list of potential uses goes on and on.

Mobile First, Like Nothing Else Matters

Of course desktop still matters, but mobile devices lead the way in terms of user engagement and reach when it comes to social media. 88% of Twitter’s Q2 advertising revenue came from mobile ad sales, while most of its increased audience figures were due to ‘SMS Fast Followers’ (mobile users who subscribe to updates from a Twitter account via text message)

Facebook has also seen mobile ad profits soar, making up over 75% of total ad revenue in Q2.

With that in mind, brands need to acknowledge the weight and potential of mobile marketing, and come up with creative ways of keeping their consumers’ eyes stuck to their mobile phones screens (hint: apps are just a slice of the funnel).

All in all, it has been a rewarding quarter for both social media platforms and we can only hope to see more intuitive upgrades unfolding in the future from their part.

What are your future expectations from the 2 social media giants? And, most importantly, how up-to-date is your social media marketing?

If you’re not sure you’re heading in the right direction, we can put you back on track. Give us a call on 0843 557 5444.


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