Here at the tree, we’ve had the pleasure of having the lovely Emily Jackson join us as part of a 2-week internship.

She’s been getting involved with a variety of tasks, from directing a fully-fledged client photoshoot to learning all about content management systems and content writing.

We’ve interviewed Emily to learn all about her favourite moments, top projects and future ambitions following a successful two weeks at the tree.

Why did you originally contact the tree? 

I’m just starting my final year of university and part of my course was to gain a work experience placement within a media-related business - to prepare us for when we graduate next year. When I came across the tree, they couldn’t have been more perfect! They work with film, photography and social media, all things that I have a great interest in.

Where do your interests lie in marketing? What experience do you have?

I thoroughly enjoy film-making and photography. In fact, for my dissertation this year, I will be making a horror film, something that I am very excited about. I’ve also done some work with photography at weddings, baby shoots and corporate events.

Which clients have you enjoyed learning about?

Probably Frezyderm as they were the client I worked with the most. They have a great cosmetic product range, with a wide variety of products for me to research. I also enjoyed the fact they were experimental and diverse in terms of the ideas that they are prepared to use.

What was your favourite moment at the tree?

It was definitely directing the client photoshoot. I had fun taking photos, and buying quirky props. Having the opportunity to do this on a short internship was brilliant!

What did you find most challenging in your work?

At the start of the internship, I found the blogging most challenging as it is something I hadn’t done much of. However, by the end of the two weeks, I felt much more confident in blog writing. I’ve got more knowledge and have learnt how to expand my writing skills.

How would you describe the culture at the tree?

Very warm, friendly and inviting. The team are like one big family, it’s great.

Did you learn things that will help your future employment?

Yes, definitely. My dream is to become a photography journalist and at the tree I’ve learnt how to expand my writing through content writing and how to improve my photography though the client photoshoot. These skills are crucial in helping me kick-start my career when I graduate from university.

Would you recommend the tree as a place for other people looking for work experience to go?

Absolutely! the tree is a fantastic place to learn what it is like to work in a real marketing agency.

What’s next for you? 

I will be going back to university to complete my final year. After that, I will be looking for jobs to begin my career in photography journalism. Exciting stuff!

Quick-fire Questions:

Cats or dogs? Cats!

Blue or green? Blue!

What rhymes with tree? Ummm… Bee?

Film or photography? Photography

Ed or Dan? Hmm… Ed?

Cupcakes or Doughnuts? Doughnuts!