Consumer rebranding for snappy Repixl

Consumer rebranding for snappy Repixl
Written by Edward Fraser

As we peak from the office blinds and grimace at the first signs of autumn, we’ve been warmed by beginning a new branding project with our friends at Repixl. They own a sharp website that allows you to edit, restore, repair and print photos.

They’ve already received press from BBC, TechCrunch, Heart Radio and the Evening Standard. So what's next?

Repixl approached us as they’ve always had one eye on content marketing. However, while discussing their content strategy we suggested that first they needed to take a look at their positioning and brand. We wanted to replicate our process that worked so well for property winners Cullross. 

“We were keen to learn more about content marketing, but then it became clear that we couldn’t pedal our website through content unless we had the correct branding and messaging in place. That’s when we decided to kick off things with the tree – we’d seen some of their previous work and liked the results,” said James Bradley, Founder of Repixl.

Brand analysis underway

Things are already underway with consumer, affiliate and internal interviews for a full 360 view of the current Repixl brand. We’ll then come together for a brand workshop, collaboratively refining our findings and presenting back some of our competitor analysis.

We’re set to deliver brand strategy, brand guidelines and a brand redeign for Repixl. Watch Facebook and Twitter for the results.


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