Coca-Cola Sponsor Custom Emoji on Twitter

Coca-Cola Sponsor Custom Emoji on Twitter
Written by ReeRee Rockette

The infamous Coca-Cola truck arrived earlier this month….on Twitter! Coca-Cola have sponsored their own custom red truck emoji that appears when the hashtag #HolidaysAreComing is used in a tweet.


This isn’t Coke’s first branded emoji on twitter, they were the first brand to ever have on one the social platform, last year with their #ShareaCoke campaign. We’re presuming they enjoyed the success of it enough to want to repeat it!

The price of these custom emojis isn’t clear, but it’s certainly rumoured to be at the $1 million mark. Brands such as Starbucks, Budweiser and Pepsi.

After announcing last month that they’d be cutting 9% of their workforce, twitter are clearly needing to refocus its profitability strategy. Despite earning $616 million in revenue, it is still a company losing money.

Can these big bucks deals help twitter make 2017 profitable? They certainly aren’t doing any harm!


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