CLIENT STORY: Going global with Kyocera

CLIENT STORY: Going global with Kyocera
Written by Edward Fraser

Whether as a result of Anthon’s deafening sneezes or Tom’s deep techno, we are now being heard overseas. I can only assume that’s why Kyocera gave us a call.

Our latest multinational content client was founded in Japan and is now booming in seven continents, with 15 offices in Europe alone. And later we found that it wasn’t Anthon that they heard, rather they had seen some previous work we did for one of their partners and picked-up the phone.

We will be working with the Document Solutions division in Germany, and already their tech savvy team is working closely with us to help build a more creative sales approach.

“I approached the tree as we had seen the work they did for our partners, EveryonePrint. After a few phone calls they understood the brief, we agreed terms and we’ve already kicked off. They seem to have a good background in B2B tech marketing.” - Oksana Ritchie, Marketing Manager

Strength to strength

Looking at the Kyocera news feed, they are a company full of ambition and we are privileged to join their roster of preferred suppliers in Europe. There’s no doubt that everyone here is excited to get cracking and show them what we’re all about.

A case study is sure to appear in the near future. Without saying too much, we already hope to engage them with all the delights of our copywriting, design, development and video editing skills. We also hope that everyone in our team will get a chance to work on the account. 

For more on Anthon’s sneezes ask anyone in the areas surrounding Harrow.


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