Are You Our Next Digital Account Manager?

Are You Our Next Digital Account Manager?
Written by Edward Fraser

We don't say this lightly. A career at the tree, right now, will provide you with a professional experience like no other. So, if you're a digitally-focussed Account Manager with experience working across a range of industries and clients - and you're driven by growth, innovation and ethics - get in touch today. 

Digital Account Manager opportunity

This is a unicorn job. We're looking for a Digital Account Manager with a personal and professional vision. Our integrated marketing agency is a fast-moving, modern organisation that’s building month-on-month. The right person for the job will be a pivotal member of the team, managing several key accounts. They will also have plans to develop their role, using their very own inventive, strategic and interesting approach. Previous experience in education, recruitment, property and/or finance is preferential. 

What we’re asking of you

  • Lead and inspire members of the client delivery team
  • Be the heart, soul and face of our agency for clients on a daily basis
  • You will create and deliver digital strategies, design briefs and manage projects for clients
  • Show meticulous written communication skills, with previous experience of proof-reading and editing content
  • Manage time and budgets, reporting analytics and results to the senior management team on a regular basis
  • Actively seek new clients and sharpen your business skills to help add to our burgeoning client base
  • Show a laser-focussed eye for detail when managing projects and day-to-day client activity
  • Be willing to champion new processes and systems to help improve the efficiency of the business 

What you're already doing

  • You’ll be a snappy, comfortable communicator, both in person and on paper
  • As a marketing pro, you will have practical knowledge of the full marketing mix, specifically digital delivery, content marketing, video, social media and website creation
  • Having managed multiple clients before you will be able to spin many plates and still maintain a well-measured approach to decision making
  • You will be comfortable sourcing and managing external suppliers
  • Role your sleeves up, produce things and make decisions for the client and our agency
  • To prove your successes, you will have knowledge of analytics and measurement tools to show your results to both senior management and clients
  • Teamwork and team management should be something that you relish and enjoy
  • With an inherent appetite for growth and improvement, you will want to drive the progression of both yourself and the business
  • You will lead with your personality and allow that to shape your position in the business
  • Previous experience in education, property, recruitment and finance is preferential
  • Your interests will lie in more than just marketing

About us

  • We have grown from bedroom beginnings into one of London’s freshest integrated marketing agencies
  • We’re a heady mix of young marketeers, technicians and experienced business people 
  • We offer one holistic view of the entire marketing mix. Our clients see us as their full-service, in-house marketing team – just without the overheads of management costs and wage bills
  • Our people are experienced in both B2C and B2B content marketing
  • Everything we do is bound by unique creativity and technology driven campaign strategies that yield the strongest results
  • Content is at the core of what we do. Whether that’s owned, acquired, earned or commercialised.
  • We ask our people to be interested and interesting 

How to apply 

Please send an up-to date CV to or call 0203 222 0077.


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