As an Apple obsessive I, along with the rest of the UK, was excited by the media frenzy that followed the latest watch and phone announcements.

Easing months of speculation from the tech community, expectations were high as the blogosphere bubbled with whisperings of scratch proof sapphire glass, a new ‘iPhone Air’ concept, and even a projected keyboard feature that would broadcast keys onto flat surfaces.

The reality however wasn’t quite so disruptive. Apple’s announcement that they’re launching two new iPhones that are to increase in size split my opinion.

Are Apple being extremely smart or very familiar?

What the market says

You can’t blame Apple as one stream of logic is that they’re simply meeting demand. According to analysis provided by @Somospostpc there’s been an astonishing trend towards 4.5” and bigger screens.

Two years ago only 10% of smartphones had screens of this size compared to a whopping 80% of all new models coming out today. With this in mind, Apple’s latest launch is obviously an attempt to respond to rapid growth of the ‘phablets’ market.

But some may say, where’s the revolution? Surely, this makes Apple look like it’s chasing the tail and screen of Samsung?

Yes, Apple’s phones are going to try and revolutionise payments, but with a Vodafone SmartPass our Sales Manager Anthon already makes payments from his handset. There’s nothing really ground breaking there, is there?

Something to watch out for

According to TechHead, the wearable tech sector is set to be worth close to $12.6B by 2018. I wanted Apple to come out with something really off the wall – a pocket hanky that I can read my emails on, perhaps, or a ring that improves my blog writing.

Alas, that’s not Apple’s style. Where they’ve seen the most success is when releasing underwhelming first generation products, which they incrementally innovate and improve. If they’re going to set the world on fire, they’ll do it one less button at a time.

I still love you

Apple. Regardless of whether you’ve satisfied my appetite for revolution, I’m still spell bound with your beauty. I will of course wear your watches and I will of course want to be seen with your new iPhone 6 Plus.

Whether you’re a master of disguise or a magician, I’m yours.