99 bottles of beer on the wall

99 bottles of beer on the wall
Written by Edward Fraser

I am sure many of you would agree, as the good weather settles in, so does that burning desire to go and enjoy this brief shift of the barometer reading and spend the time in a nice beer garden enjoying a cold one.

With the explosion of craft beers nationwide and further afield, there’s equally been a boom of beautifully designed bottles and packaging to follow suit.

Steel & Oak 

The good old-fashioned moonshine look 

This is a great bottle. Not only does it look lovely with its vintage shape and bold type but this wouldn’t look out of place proudly displayed on a kitchen shelf… Or maybe that’s just me and my love for simple product design. Once empty, who could ever throw this in a recycling bin?

Covered in icons

Not all designs follow the traditional roots of the brewing trade. Throw into the mix the guys at Patswerk and we get a refreshing design of a bottle clad in colourful icons. I wouldn’t think twice of giving this as present to a fellow admirer of design and lover of craft beer.


Simplicity strikes again 

I had to check twice that this bottle wasn’t champagne or some high-brow alcopop. Yet again a simple design with well-chosen colour contrast results in a beautiful design. I am going to be running out of space on my kitchen shelves… 

As the craft beer market grows, so will the demand for packaging that grabs the attention of already savvy customers. I can wait to see what comes next!  


Promoting high-end fashion 

An excellent limited-edition designer beer used to promote the men’s range of a high-end fashion boutique.  It truly is great when good packaging can promote the worth and value of the product inside. I am sure you would agree that if you were to buy a bottle of beer that came in a sack cloth sheath, you’d expect it to be a considerable amount more than your average beer. 


8 Ways to repurpose a beer bottle

After all that appreciation of craft beer, why not help the environment and upcycle your bottle into a drinking glass or maybe a useful plant pot?

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our little foray into craft beer bottle designs. If you run a craft beer business (or any business, for that matter!), and would like a hand reinventing your brand, give us a call on 020 3362 9494.

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