5 fantastic data visualisation infographics

5 fantastic data visualisation infographics
Written by Daniel Andrews

Last week, our friends at Yieldify put out a great piece on the importance of data visualisation. Infographic representation is an immediately accessible way to give readers information, and we think it’s great.

Aside from being a lot more fun to read than three hefty paragraphs, data infographics can be remarkably versatile, and can add an extra dimension of communication utilising colours and composition to bring data to life. So we’ve collected our favourite new and innovative ways to present content from the cutting edge of infographic visualisation. Consider it a celebration of stats!

The original

We’ve been saying infographics are new, but we all know that it all really started with John Venn in the 1880s. His namesake and brainchild has found a new lease of life as a tool for making procrastinators laugh. Here’s a fantastic example.


The tech city

Publishers who use infographics grow in-traffic 12% more than those who use none. That’s because graphics create a special interest all of their own. Interactive graphs are an especially amazing way to bring impersonal data to life, boosting the interest your content will generate.


The Tailor Made

As a single visual experience, an infographic is a potent tool for further establishing your brand: your colours, your designs, your personality. Check out this infographic masterpiece, documenting the new American fracking oil rush – featuring oil barrel graphs, oil well bar charts and oil slick borders.

The New Genealogy

Linear representation is uninteresting. This simple fact has led to the reinvention of traditional ways of representing hierarchical relations. Compare the stuffy baroque Tree of Porphyry to this innovative, concentric way of displaying hereditary hierarchies.

The Sprawl

Visualisation doesn’t have to be restricted to individual types of data. Getting lost in a sprawling, multi-bordered graphic is much more engaging that reading an equivalent amount of text. This high resolution spread draws the user into a narrative told by images and facts, allowing you to focus on conveying the story behind the dry data.


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