Our guide to remote working

Our guide to remote working

No one needs to be reminded that the Coronavirus pandemic represents a challenge for business and beyond. The PM has asked people in the UK to avoid public places, offices and stop all but essential travel. Off the back of this a majority of business leaders have asked their teams to 'self isolate' and work from home. In the light this we put together a guide to working from home for our team here at the tree. During these uncertain times we thought we'd share it as we feel there is a lot in there that could help other businesses through this trying time.

You can view it here.

With remote working comes new surroundings for employees, without the familiar faces of colleagues and the office atmosphere to fall back on, posing its own challenges to each individual. In times like this it is crucial for businesses to serve their people first and understand employee’s personal needs as much as possible. Every employee will have their own way of staying focused and on task, it is imperative to factor these into a daily routine for your team to stay as productive as possible. In our guide we have included some activities the tree team uses to stay focused throughout the day that we have seen great results with so far.

One if the main perks of an office is of course communication. With that luxury now being removed, it is more important than ever to keep on top of communications and have designated and well organised comms channels. This guide delves into how to efficiently communicate remotely and highlights some measures to put into place that will ensure your business operates with minimal disruption.

Then we must of course not forget the social element of an office environment, a happy team leads to a motivated workforce at the end of the day. With the country almost on lockdown it is easy to feel isolated and forget about a social life all together. Encourage staff communication and a bit of down time outside of work chat. Try and maintain the work culture virtually, we recommend saving Friday evening for a drink and a chat.

Working remotely will have various obstacles and roadblocks for businesses. In this challenging time is imperative us businesses band together and learn from each other to implement new practices and techniques to remain productive in this highly irregular scenario. For more information and tips from the tree team, check out our guide here – feedback and thoughts are of course welcome!

If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts free to contact us at info@thisisthetree.com