Our Creative Charity Initiative with the Shoreditch Trust

Our Creative Charity Initiative with the Shoreditch Trust

In December, we joined forces with local charity Shoreditch Trust to deliver a creative workshop for young people in Hackney.

The Shoreditch Trust works with residents to improve their health, wellbeing, social networks and opportunities. The charity covers several areas of community needs - including people experiencing difficult transitions, struggling with pressure, lacking skills or knowledge, facing difficult family circumstances and living in poverty.

Food for life

One of their programmes, called Food for Life, urges young people to improve their physical and mental health by building a better relationship with food.

We approached the Shoreditch Trust with a creative workshop idea and thought it was a natural fit for their Food for Life scheme. Children would visit our offices and learn how to take food products from brand to sales.

The workshop, which took place over an afternoon, included a range of students aged 14-16, specifically those who have had difficulties with mainstream learning and schools, with varying abilities, interests and levels of literacy. The students were accompanied by two staff members and a representative of the Shoreditch Trust.

Building a brand

During the workshop, the students were tasked with building a brand for food products that they were already growing or cooking as part of the Food for Life scheme. One of our Directors, Ed, presented the psychology behind colour, shapes and words in order to help the young people build their brand.

It is our hope that they can talk about this project to potential employers in the future.

An exciting initiative

Katie Edmondson, Food for Life Project Manager for Shoreditch Trust, said “This initiative was especially exciting to us because it gave creative direction to kids who need it. It is important for these young people to see the different jobs involved in bringing a product to life and the opportunities that they offer.”

Being the first time a business has approached the Shoreditch Trust with this kind of initiative, we are pleased with the results and plan to keep up the momentum.

We’ve already been receiving some press from School Travel Organiser and Fundraising.co.uk, with plenty more interest coming through from other schools and charities.