On the Horizon of Our 4th Birthday

On the Horizon of Our 4th Birthday

When I look back to starting the tree some four years ago, I’m truly amazed at the incredible things that have happened to our little sapling and I couldn’t have imagined we’d have grown into such a force to be reckoned with in such a short space of time. Due only to our wonderful clients and energised team, this year has been one for awards, innovation and significant growth.

Truffling for awards 

The year started with a bang with more than 17 award nominations across the board. We were shortlisted for campaign work with our friends Frezyderm and went on to win some seriously significant accolades.

Zara, our digital protégé won Apprentice of the Year at the Federation of Small Business Awards. I too was honoured by winning Young Entrepreneur of the year (a wonderful privilege I assure you).

But then… At the UK Social and Communications Awards, we were awarded Best Small Agency which made our little roots tingle.

When the going gets tough…

… the tree got tougher. One of my fondest memories was watching our motley crew of intrepid explorers challenge fiery furnaces, ice cold plunge pools and 10,000 volts of electric shock treatment in the name of charity. We got through it and 10 of the bravest members of our team basked in the glory of raising close to £2,000 for MacMillan Cancer support at Tough Mudder.

Eat, sleep, film, repeat…

Working with our friends over at TicketMaster and VIP Nation we worked tirelessly (well with very little sleep) to film 7 of 2017’s major festivals including V, Creamfields, Latitude, Wildlife and Download. We were even lucky enough to host our Summer Party at Lovebox which will never be forgotten.

Sprinkling a little magic

The campaign highlight for the tree this year, however, would have to be the Just Eat Magic Wand. When we were approached to create a magic wand that could order a takeaway, most normal agencies would have laughed and said it wasn’t possible. But what made me the proudest of our resilient evergreens was our attitude and how we were determined to find a way. We went where no agency has gone before… through innovation, determination, very late nights, some new friends at Chirp technologies and the wonder of 3D printing we bloody well did it - check it out 

Banking on some growth

Our fourth year was a year of reflection and learning. Six months ago, we were accepted on to NatWest’s Entrepreneurial Growth Accelerator Programme. Since joining it’s been an absolute privilege to be surrounded by some of the UK’s most exciting and fast-growing businesses. Throughout the program we’ve had intensive mentoring and been boot camped on the entrepreneurial mindset.

Some of the greatest aspects included ‘The Perfect Pitch’, understanding Myers-Briggs and personality traits and Visioning with Zigermann. We were even invited to host a little workshop on integrated marketing.

There are many, many other moments that occurred throughout the year that I’m incredibly proud of, but I’ll stop here for now!

As we peer over the horizon of our 4th Birthday, we continue to champion the values which underpin everything we do and the clients we work for.

Here’s to a new year with plenty of exciting news and announcements to come.

Watch this space.