Ned's Internship at the tree

Ned's Internship at the tree

At the tree we’ve been happy to have Ned Cassey join us in the treehouse for a one-week internship. With a hunger for all things creative, we knew he’d be a good fit.

Why did you originally contact the tree?

At college I studied design and technology which involved me designing and making a product and then finally marketing it to my intended target audience.

I found the marketing section to be challenging, and as I want to study design/product design at university, requiring me to do similar product marketing but in much greater depth, I naturally wanted to improve my skills. With that in mind, I looked for some work experience in marketing.

Where do your interests lie in marketing? What experience do you have?

I’m creative and I always look for opportunities to enhance my knowledge from those who are more experienced. Marketing is a fast-paced, dynamic profession and the people I worked with at the tree were certainly multi-skilled and talented.

My main reason for wanting to intern at the tree was to get me ready for uni and put me a step ahead of the competition. However, work experience is also about finding out what you might want to do in life and I wanted to see whether marketing could be a career path for me.

Before my internship, I had little to no experience in marketing, aside from a few bits I had picked up from A-level design and technology. After this experience, I’m confident I’ve gained some valuable skills that will be useful in future employment and my degree.

What aspects of the tree’s services were you excited to get involved in?

I would say I was excited to get involved in the design aspect of things since that’s where the majority of my interests lie. That said, the purpose of my internship was to enhance other areas of marketing, so I was also looking forward to the branding and social media side of things.

How would you describe the culture at the tree?

Friendly and relaxed. The office space is really nice and appealing, which makes it a very pleasant place to spend the day.

Did you learn things that will help your future employment?

Yes, I did. I learnt a lot about how companies like the tree run their clients’ social media profiles. I also had a go at designing a few things for the tree’s Facebook page. This was good industry experience for me.

What’s next for you?

I live in a small town just over an hour away from London, so I’ll be heading back there. I plan on going traveling for 6 months at the beginning of next year so I need to work to pay for that. Once I’m back from travelling I’m going to university to study design.