My First Week as an Apprentice at the tree

My First Week as an Apprentice at the tree

I think however old or experienced you are, there is always a flutter of butterflies dancing in your stomach when you start a new chapter of your career. For me, I was terrified!

Taking the leap of not going to university and jumping straight into the working world was a huge decision for me and my family – especially as my sister is currently at Cambridge University. I knew it could be a make or break decision.

I was made aware of the tree through the government apprenticeship scheme, which allows non-graduates to get real industry experience while still working towards a related qualification – all with no debt from a student loan. You can build up to a degree level, add real value to a company and have monthly workshops with your training provider.

Jobwise training, my training provider, have been the biggest help. They developed my skills in networking, presenting, interviews and essential work skills. Most importantly, they introduced me to the tree. According to the house of commons, 904,800 apprentices were signed on in 2016, a number that is predicted to exponentially increase by the end of 2017 – and I’ll be one of them.

After my first day at the tree, I was relieved as they made me feel perfectly at home. They are paying me to say this, but nothing more than my agreed salary.

Prior to coming in on a Monday morning, I received a week’s schedule of everything to expect. Then when I arrived, I had a full and thorough induction followed by a Nando’s with the team – despite being a veggie they do my fave burger.

The week consisted of a rotation of all the departments at the tree, really allowing me to learn the services they provide inside and out, the cool and creative strategies they implement for their clients, and really getting to know the team.

Getting involved in a variation of live projects for their clients has really kept me on my toes. I’m already working on PR for Frezyderm, a leading beauty brand specialising in dermatologically-tested cosmetics. I’m also working on social media content for Simplexity, a luxury travel management service, and research for Cure and Cut – our rogue deli brand from Covent Garden.

So, what am I looking forward to now I’ve completed my first week? Picking everyone’s brains! The fact that I am only a week in and they are letting me write my own article makes me very excited. It shows the trust and faith they have in me. Let’s just see what the tree has in store.