Looking Good with International Client, Frezyderm

Looking Good with International Client, Frezyderm

Perhaps Frezyderm were drawn to our glowing skin?

Our latest client win is a leading skin care brand founded in sunny Greece. As industry market leaders in Greece, they also enjoy fantastic success in the Middle East, the Balkans, Canada and Central and Eastern Europe.

They have been awarded 5 times by the internationally acclaimed Prix De Beaute competition. This is considered the most prestigious competition for the beauty and cosmetics industry.

About our new friends

Committed to innovation, determination and achieving great success, Frezyderm are devoted to driving their business forward by investing in the UK the market. As a result, they wish to launch and grow their reputation here in London, prior to expanding across the rest of the UK and other parts of Europe.  

After meeting with FrezyDerm in beautiful Athens twice in the last three months, we’ve been able to understand their goals and values. They are innovative, continuously improving the quality of their products in order to solve human problems.  

We’ll be introducing Frezyderm to the UK with two years’ worth of integrated marketing activity, covering social media, content marketing, SEO, video, web development and advertising.

We are also excited to announce our partnership with Return on Development, who will be drumming up sales with retailers, distributors, pharmacists and online shops. It’s a marketing and sales partnership that we hope grows this year.


Just last week we ran a successful focus group with consumers and professionals all over London. Everyone seems extremely positive about the products, and we’ve had some great feedback since the session.

Here at the tree we are delighted to be working with such an exciting skin care brand. We look forward to giving everyone in our team a chance to work with them.