Labour to Hail AI Revolution with Universal Basic Income

Labour to Hail AI Revolution with Universal Basic Income

Are you prepared for the technological revolution? According to the Guardian, notable figures in the Labour Party like Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have revealed that the party is considering the practicality of implementing a Universal Basic Income in their 2020 manifesto.

With some predicting that humanity will create AI that will effectively make humanity’s need to work redundant this century, many are questioning how people will look after themselves in a time where work will be scares. Universal Basic Income provides a cushion against this.    

The news comes as the party’s left-leading campaign group, Compass, came out in support for the policy that would see every UK citizen receive a monthly allowance, regardless of how much they earn, or their age.

Speaking to the Guardian McDonnell said that in his view the policy "… makes an interesting case for a universal and unconditional payment to all, which could prepare our country for any revolution in jobs and technology to come — it is an idea Labour will be closely looking at over the next few years."

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