Inside the mind of a travel consumer - introducing the travel marketing trinity

Inside the mind of a travel consumer - introducing the travel marketing trinity

Travel marketing used to be about glossy brochures selling idyllic getaways. Today, that’s not even half the story.

We can connect with our customers and design experiences that fit their aspirations, using tools and strategies more sophisticated than marketers just a generation back could even imagine. We’re on a 24-schedule of brand management and customer experience optimisation that spans every destination on the planet. And with passenger numbers set to double by 2037, the travel industry is only just getting into gear.

So what does it take to jump into the world of modern travel marketing and come up smiling? As our new ebook explains, there are just three things you need to get right. 

At the core of every great travel marketing strategy is rich insight from your customers and audiences. It’s what helped the Turkish travel industry rise from the ashes after 2016’s political unrest, and made Ryanair turn away from the dark side of customer experience. It’s also how we know that cruises are an area to watch, and that hotel brands matter when airline brands don’t so much.

When it’s fuelled by high-quality insight, travel content becomes fresher, more compelling and more effective. We can use it to zero in on pain-points during the customer journey and support customers with an inspirational, helpful expert voice. The new generation of travel marketing content includes campaigns that harness VR and experiential marketing, tap into a nation’s talent via user-generated content, and meet customers where they are with branded apps.

Social media is the bridge between customers and brands – it serves great travel content to the masses, and generates much of the data we use to find insight for fresh campaigns. It’s how the Caribbean island of Curacao connected with 10 million travel-hungry New Yorkers, Hilton Hotels became every traveller’s virtual concierge, and of course how TripAdvisor revolutionised the industry with user reviews and public feedback. 

For a deeper dive into the travel marketing trinity, and more detail on these and more brand stories, download our ebook. It’s filled with case studies, ideas and useful practical tips to enrich your strategy – way more helpful than the average glossy brochure. 

We’ve also got views direct from travel marketing leaders, and plenty of ready-made insights and current travel trends to help turn your travel marketing journey into a first-class experience.

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